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Meet Ken


"I met Lindsey Jones in the Fall of 2014 while attending a locally organized class on business planning. I have been testing different lifestyle food choices on my own but had been curious
about using the services of a “food coach” such as a Registered Dietitian (RD).



I had recently received a diagnosis of borderline pre-diabetes.

I also have a long history of elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

I have been on prescribed medications that have controlled but not reduced my blood pressure levels.

I have not been happy with the side effects of prescribed medications.

I was also not happy with the addition of another prescribed
medication for diabetes.


It was time for a change!


I was convinced that it was time to take my eating habits more seriously. I felt that a reduction in weight would have a positive impact on blood pressure. I decided that it was not just a coincidence that I crossed paths with Lindsey.


Now the challenge was finding time on the travel schedule to meet with her.Our first meeting was most educational and I was most intrigued with the Whole 30 program that she proposed. I decided at this first meeting to jump into the program.


I could tell from the outset that she was passionate about her work and she was very good at educating me as to why this was an excellent program to consider.


I liked the idea of meeting with her on aweekly basis to feel more accountable for following the program.


I liked the simplicity of the Whole 30 program. I was to exclude sugar, dairy, grains, legumes and unhealthy fats. The formula was simple: healthy fats, protein and produce. I did not have
to weigh or measure anything! I have been able to eat what felt right to satisfy my needs. I was able to follow the protocols easily for the first 30 days.


The results have been transformational for me!


I have lost about 20 pounds!

I have reduced my blood pressure by 20 points!

I no longer have food binges brought on by over-carbohydration! I have enjoyed my new eating habits.

have more energy!

I am experiencing less muscle fatigue.

In consultation with my primary care provider, I have eliminated one medication and reduced another.


I am planning to continue with the program and hopefully each my weight goal and reduce or eliminate more of the prescribed medications.


I have been most pleased with the results of working with Lindsey Jones, RD. She is professional in her approach to educating her clients about healthy eating habits. She has taught me so much about “food as medicine”.


I have personally seen the impact of my eating habits. I will continue to work with Lindsey on a monthly basis to continue my positive progress.


I can willingly recommend her services to anyone who is ready to confront how food can impact their overall health and are ready to make the changes necessary to live a more healthy lifestyle."


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