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Meet Steve


"Our lives are lived on purpose whether we choose an unhealthy lifestyle or a healthy one. Here's the catch; either way we own those choices we make and the results of our actions or lack of action, it is our choice. Most of the time I feel we have good intentions for our lifestyle decisions so we remain healthy and can enjoy the life God gave to us and to share that life with those we love.


☀️My story is filled with many emotions in life that I'm sure we all share in common. Our lives are filled with humor (my favorite) sadness, defeat, celebration, misunderstanding, knowledge, action, accomplishment and love. I may have left out a few, but you get the picture.


⚡️My story is no different than most of yours with the exception that I chose to no longer be influenced by "Medical Professionals", medications or supposed miracle drugs like Prilosec which does take away your heartburn but can do so much more damage to you over months and year's of taking that drug which I knew nothing about until I met Lindsey.


Not even my doctor knew what it did to my body until I schooled him and then paid him for my office visit. That's a day I love to share, so if you want to hear more about that day contact me, I would love to share that with you.


We are a culture that has been brainwashed for quick fixes instead of hard work. We share our problems with each other so someone can feel sorry for us and we know that we are not the only ones out there that have these problems.


⚡️Well let me tell you folks, it takes action, right now, today and it will only happen when your sick and tired of being sick and tired. This is what happened to me, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I didn't know who to turn to until by the grace of God and my daughter in law Emily (Lindsey's Cousin) came into my life and changed my life forever.


I will try and put this in a nutshell although that is difficult for me to do once I step on that soapbox, but here it goes.✨✨✨


My son Justin and his wife Emily( which you already know is Lindsey's cousin) were visiting our home for the holidays. Our time is usually limited when we get together like most families, and like most families we are surrounded by wonderful holiday food and drink which ideally are not meant to be a good idea for long term health goals, but what the heck, we'll stop doing this after the New Year. Sound familiar? Well as we are sitting trying to stay awake from indulging and conversing about some of my health issues, my daughter in law says to me "I think it's time you got serious about you're health and set a good example for your son and quit just talking about it." As you can imagine I paused in disbelief as to what I was hearing coming from the mouth of my son's wife. ✨✨✨


As I sat there and listened to her for awhile talk about Whole 30, it really started to sink in about how serious my health issues were and how they were tied into my diet and medications I had been taking for years. She then ordered me a book from Amazon called It Starts with Food. What an eye opener! She said I want you to read this book then I want you to contact my cousin who is a registered dietitian. Her name is Lindsey Jones and here is her contact info.


I got the book and two weeks later I had my first appointment with Lindsey. The first appointment is info gathering so be prepared to tell the truth about your health and eating habits and any medications you are currently taking. ✨


My first visit it didn't take me long to understand that Lindsey is passionate about her work and that it wasn't just a job for her it was her calling. She was the answer and the partner I had been seeking to help me solve my health issues. I have to confess it was very emotional for me to be in the presence of someone who I felt was really there to be my partner in a life changing solution to my health issues, but with Lindsey, as far as I am concerned, she is my Guardian Angel, there with me, guiding me to make the right choices for better health. ❤️✅


I had very aggressive goals after our first planning meeting, because I was so fed up with the medical profession, insurance, and the whole health industry taking our money with no long or even at times no short term solutions to our health issues.


Lindsey explained to me that I needed to take planned steps to insure I didn't get burned out, but I was so inspired I took drastic steps and I, with my partner Lindsey, slayed the dragon.Folks, I suffered with so many of the problems that far to many of us suffer with, high blood pressure, high colesterol, high or out of control blood sugar, acid reflux(Prilosec) bad drug, ask Lindsey about that. ✅


All have improved if not reversed to the point I no longer take drugs for the symptoms, they are gone. I was very heavy and had lost 20 pounds before in my life and felt great results with that effort, but with Lindsey as my coach and mentor I lost 35 pounds in about 40 days. I lost a total of 42 pounds.✌️


I forgot to tell you that I also have kidney disease. With everything I had accomplished I had my doctor appointment for a follow up on my kidney health. The look on my doctors face was priceless when he came in with my lab results and asked me how I did it and I told him God, Lindsey Jones, my determination and Whole 30. ❤️Well I could go on and on about my successes and I told you once I get on that soapbox it's hard to get me off, but if you want to change your life and your really ready, contact Lindsey Jones and if you ever want to contact me to discuss my experience with some of the issues I have eliminated from my life,

text me at 530-635-3019 (yes it is 530 not 503 this person is not happy getting my calls) or

email me at

Remember, If it's going to be- it's up to me- and then call Lindsey Jones, RD•

Have a Blessed new life,

Steve Johnson"

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