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Meet Tiffany Anderson


I grew up in the Midwest eating mashed potatoes that came from a box of flakes and beanie weenies (baked beans and hotdogs). Later in college, I tried to get healthy when I began to understand the power and freedom of knowledge. I thought then that ‘healthy’ meant lower calories and exercising. I was a sugar junkie however, and was constantly relapsing. It was a real battle to both feel good and meet my expectations of healthy, which also translated as skinny.


In my mid 20’s I moved from Thailand to Maui and was in a season of experiencing some new life changes and stresses. This is when I began to feel the worst I ever had in my life. I had run two half marathons and participated in a number of adventure races lasting from 5-8 hours in the years prior, and then out of nowhere, my body aged 60 years. I had terrible abdominal pain, constant fatigue, and migraines for the first time.


When I first met Lindsey Jones in Hawai’i through a mutual friend, I was immediately attracted to her love for life and vitality. She came into the picture during the early onslaught of the symptoms and was the first person to prompt me to look at the big picture of what I was eating and the relationship it had to skin problems, bloating, pain, bowel movements etc. I filled out a thorough questionnaire upon her request and become alarmingly aware of how uncomfortable I was. This started my journey of finding the root of my symptoms.


It was later unveiled through many tests that the root was celiac disease, a genetic autoimmune disease where my body sees the gluten protein as toxic and sends antibodies to fight it. The solution? Don’t eat gluten. It was a discipline that took nearly a year to really execute. But Lindsey encouraged me with recipes, meals, ingredients, and lifestyle that it is possible, enjoyable, and worth it.


She advised me in nutrition through my pregnancy and nursing with resources and phone consultations on how to give my baby the best foundation, something I am ever so grateful for. Through the years I’ve known Lindsey she has also made a difference by her example; pictures she posts on facebook, how she paces herself when she eats, groceries she buys, and pausing to enjoy the experience of eating. It’s unbelievable what my families’ refrigerator and cabinets are stocked with now, where we shop and what our meals are. My husband and I see food like medicine and have started our own business to share this wealth with others, so together we can thrive enjoying the beautiful people and places we have. 

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